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    Salvu Fenech holding his 100th donated bag of blood, standing next to platelet donor Adrian Cassar.

    After fulfilling your civic duty of casting the vote on Saturday, consider heading to Pietà to donate blood. Several donors – including journalists – are often kept busy with political activities during the election campaign, putting blood donation on the backburner. But the need for 50 bags a day remains, and the doors of the National Blood Transfusion unit, which is next to St Luke’s Hospital, in Pietà, are kept open throughout the week. In its most recent appeal, the unit is currently short of A Positive blood. Blood donation is essential for cancer treatment, accidents and operations. Contacted by this newspaper, Tony Micallef, the practice nurse in charge of donor liaison, noted that June would see an additional number of scoliosis operations.  This is a yearly occurrence – with some 20 such procedures being carried out twice annually, in June and November.

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    Our mission is to share these stories so as to encourage others to consider making this life-saving “gift” themselves.While we aren’t able to publish every story we receive, we read every story submitted and we will treat your story with the utmost respect for your privacy.The Gift is a collection of heart-felt stories from real-life people who have been impacted by blood donations. Whether they were a recipient, a donor, or family member, each person’s point of view has been shared to encourage “this gift” of life.rnrnWe would love for you to share your personal story here at The Gift. Your story will reach and touch many others in a way you could never know. That is the miracle of the sharing process. When we give the gift of sharing our story, we are gifting those with a different perspective, and hopefully encouraging a contribution of the heart themselves.Perhaps you have been donating for many years, or a blood donation saved someone near and dear to you. Maybe you are a first time donor, nervous yet happy to help out. You have a story to tell, and we are ready to hear it.Read more to learn how to Share Your Story.

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